MAKE IT IN DESIGN are a passionate multi-disciplined team all with very diverse expertise, backgrounds and personalities. Together they work incredibly hard to make their creative community the best and most supportive place it can be. They have helped 1000’s of designers globally to take the leap, grow their careers, skills and businesses, create multiple income streams, win awards, land those dream design gigs and so much more. Many have described their services as “life changing”, “essential” and “a wonderful place to be”.

BLUE PRINT ONLINE  brings together a fantastic collection of studios and designers. The boutique type feel of the show has created a community spirit, and the fun friendly atmosphere has been maintained even though the number of Exhibitors has grown year by year. By keeping the prices to exhibit at Blue Print low and affordable, and by involving more of the exhibitors in the operation and the marketing of the show, we all have a shared interest in making Blue Print a success.
Together MAKE IT IN DESIGN and BLUE PRINT are bringing you a competition, giving you the chance to win some exciting prizes :

Calling all up and coming Surface Print Designers !
There are prizes to be won at Make It In Design  and  the  next  Blue Print Online Event ! This is a competition open  to  all  individual  artists  to design an exciting Bee and Floral Print to raise the profile of our bees and yourself worldwide ! You might think of bees and honey, but that’s not the only thing they give us. We all need food to survive, and without bees to pollinate crops the world over, we wouldn’t have much food at all !
Along with many other insects bees numbers have been drastically declining, and in the UK a third of our bees have disappeared over the past ten years. In Europe many species are close to extinction, mainly due to modern farming methods, loss of habitats, pesticides and other chemicals.

So let’s help raise the awareness of the plight of our buzzy bees !

Design a bee floral print that reflects their ideal habitat in no more than 8 colours. You could include some of the following : bees (of course), insects, bee hives, a multitude of wild flowers, meadows, apple blossom, woodland flowers, cherry blossom, buddleia and clover ! One design per artist that should be submitted as an RGB file, no more than 8 colours, presented A4 Landscape, and saved as PDF and JPG at saved at 216 DPI. Please submit all entries to no later than the 14th of April 2023. For full rules and terms and conditions please see below.
The overall winner receives these fantastic prizes from MAKE IT IN DESIGN :
A free place on online class Florals + Nature: A Design Masterclass (worth £129/$155) –  In this visually stunning course led by surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor, you will :
*     Build up a bank of floral motifs and drawing
*     Develop your creative skills
*     Learn new ways to approach drawing and motif making
*     Explore mark-making techniques
*     Get an exclusive insight into professional surface pattern design Rachael Taylor’s design practice
*     A free place on online class The Master Series (worth £257/$310) - This is a brand-new learning experience unlike any before it. This online course is jam-packed with expert knowledge, inspiration and exclusive insight from an array of global movers and shakers in the creative industries from around the world who teach from an array of specialisms, mediums and topics.
PLUS runner up prizes of a free place at Summer Design School 2023 which starts July 31st.
The overall winner also receives thesse exciting prizes from Blue Print Online :
*     A booth (worth $250) at the next online event in May and $250.00 to spend on whatever you wish !
*     The two runners up each receive a free booth at the next online event in May !


Rules & Terms & Conditions
1. All entries must be original and solely created by the entrant.
2. All designs submitted should be RGB, no more than 8 colours, presented A4 Landscape, and saved as PDF and JPG at saved at 216 DPI.
                           3. Please include your logo / name and a © copyright in the bottom left hand corner, and the colour chips used in the bottom right corner.
4. Entry should be sent via email to Please also explain how your journey brought you into surface print design, where you are currently living, your age, where you graduated from, and why you want to win this competition.
5. One entry only per entrant.
6. There are no fees to enter this competition.
7. The deadline date for all entries is 12 midnight (UK time) on the 14th of April 2023.
8. The winners will be announced on Friday the 18th of April 2023.
9. The competition is only open to individual artists, not studios or collectives.
10. Feel free to post your entry on instagram, crediting the Blue Print & Make It In Design Competition.
11. The judges decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into. Judges are unable to comment on
individual entries.
12. Submission of entry implies acceptance of all rules. Failure to comply with the rules may result in
13. By submitting your work you agree to be featured online or in print by Blueprint and Make it in Design, or any
other third party chosen by Blueprint and/or Make it in Design in relation to this opportunity, at any time now or in
the future. In such an instance no fees will be payable for the inclusion of your work in any promotional materials
relating to the course.
14. You will retain all rights relating to your images

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