POWER UP YOUR CREATIVITY – Ignite Your Creative Spark – Develop a Productive Practice – Set Goals and Achieve Your Dreams
By Rachael Taylor
Attention all creatives: Learn how to power up your creativity!
If you’re longing to take your vision, energy, and output to the next level, this book is the resource you need to make it happen.
Author Rachael Taylor—successful artist, pattern  designer, entrepreneur and the cofounder of the Make It In Design online education platform—shares creative motivation and guidance that will help you achieve your goals and thrive, no matter your starting point.
*   Identify how to get started, find and sustain inspiration, and cultivate creative courage
*   Clarify your vision and consider how you need to evolve
*   Stay motivated and establish creative longevity
*   Shift gears to set sights on your next goal as you reach each destination
*   Create with intention and acknowledge—and embrace—your creative power
Whether you’re just starting out on your creative path, or you’re looking to fruitfully channel your creative practice toward a career or side hustle, Power Up Your Creativity offers practical advice and support for upping your creative game and achieving your dreams. So, what are you waiting for?
Pre-order today to get early access to a dedicated live support group with monthly live discussions & Q&A’s, discounts from creative friends, exclusive resources, creative challenges, a weekly book club, industry insights & so much more.
Each Summer and Winter Make It In Design host exciting seasonal workshops that provides invaluable experience working to Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter trend-inspired designs briefs, helps build your portfolio and connect with other designers around the world!
From 25th July to 19th August 2022, their super talented team at Make It In Design will be running their next Summer School, which is a Live seasonal workshop to keep you inspired and build your portfolio. There are 6 courses available covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, so wherever you are on your design journey, there is bound to be a course for you
The Make it in Design school offers courses for all interests and skills levels, so whether you are just starting out on your creative journey or are ready to leap to the next level of your career, whether you’re looking for a new creative hobby or skill to learn or you’re hoping to build on your design portfolio to pitch to your dream clients, Make it in Design is here for you.

Find out more about all of their courses and these brilliant offers at https://makeitindesign.com/design-school/

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